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Vellas is a Brazilian director that has directed more than 150 commercials around the globe in the last 10 years. Many of them got awarded in festivals such as Cannes, D&AD, Clio, Ciclope, El Ojo among many others. 

Vellas has done 5 short films, some of them got recognized in many festivals as well. The most famous ones are probably “Shout” for Movistar and “Inertia City”, commissioned by Google for the United Nations. 

Recently has been chosen by Coca Cola to direct one of the Christmas trilogy short films, produced by Pretty Bird and streamed by Amazon Prime Video. 

He has also directed the second season of “Arcanjo Renegado”, one of the most successful TV Shows in Brazil and now is directing the third season of “DOM”, from Amazon Prime Video. 

As a commercial director he is co-founder and partner at Saigon in Brazil - Mexico, and also represented by:

Prettybird (US and UK)

Rebolucion (Spain)

Frenzy (France)

Zauberberg (Germany)

Halal (Netherlands)

Akita Film (Italy)

Hamlet (Asia)

Ramson (India) 

Torpido Film (Turkey)

For feauture films and TV:

@conde_mais and @agency.apa


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